Professional Appraisal Systems

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Petre Nicolae

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Human Resources Directors 


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Integrated Transformational Training Program®

Turn-key consulting methodology CBC Romania

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Brief description of the program

The program is the only one of its kind on the Romanian market, and that is because it provides a complete methodology for setting up and implementing a turnkey professional employee competence assessment system.


The course represents a real arsenal of mechanisms for creating and implementing a professional evaluation system, using deliverables and processes that only consultancy companies use when implementing assessment systems in their client’s companies.


Also, this course represents a great opportunity to design and implement your own professional turnkey system for employee evaluation. At the end of the course, you will receive the entire methodology to develop and implement an evaluation system, consisting of mechanisms, tools and professional delivrables.

Program’s Results – benchmark

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The purpose and objectives of the program
  1. Transferring methodologies, mechanisms, methods and professional evaluation tools only used by a small portion of the consulting companies in Romania;
  2. Developing and implementing a full professional employee evaluation methodology;
  3. Facile implementation of the evaluation system given the fact that the ones who will oversee its implementation are the directors that participated in the program;
  4. Providing participants with a complete methodology for developing and implementing a professional performance appraisal system;
  5. Delivering a professional tool to increase employee psychological motivation.
Basic concepts of the program
  1. Employee’s mechanisms of thought and action.
  2. Determining factors and degrees of self-motivation in employees.
  3. Performance management and its impact on goal achievement.
  4. Objective-based Management (MBO), mechanisms and methodologies for its implementation.
  5. Methodology and mechanisms for performance standardization.
  6. Guide to establishing and implementing performance indicators for individual positions.
    • Methodology for establishing the performance criteria for each indicator
    • Scaling mechanisms, criteria validation and calibration
    • Model for calculating the profitability ratio of performance
    • Systemic process for implementing performance standards
  7. Mechanisms and methodology for setting up and implementing a performance appraisal system(MOA).
  8. Errors of the evaluation process and how to scale them.
  9. Mechanisms for establishing and scaling the scores used in the evaluation process.
  10. Mechanisms for the performance evaluation process.
  11. Feedback-oriented organizational culture in performance evaluation.
  12. Developing and implementing performance monitoring mechanisms.
The concrete and immediate results of the program 

Methodology, methods, and tools for implementing over 5 turnkey projects in the company.

  1. Mechanisms and methodology for implementing an objectives-focused management (MBO).
  2. Mechanisms and methodology for establishing and implementing the design for departments and positions following the consultancy methodologies.
  3. Methodology for performance standardization.
  4. Methodology for establishing and implementing an employee evaluation system.
  5. Methodology for conducting the evaluation process.
  6. Methodology for monitoring the organizational performance.