Sales Force Academy

Program’s Coordinates

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No. of days/module

Course: 3 days;



The Consultants of the Program


Cristian Mocanu

Program target group

Sales agents, sales consultants, sales advisors, sales agents, after sales consultants, back office support employees

Sales managers

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Sales Agent

Sales Consultant 


ANC Certification

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Delivrables of the Program


Brief description of the program

The program is unique on the Romanian market as it provides a complete methodology for implementing a consultative selling system.

Like any CBC transformational program, Sales Force Academy has a methodology that is comprised of 24 folders that contain all the mechanisms which “direct” the salesman to sell in a professional and systemic way.


The program consists of 3 professional modules:

  1. Methods and techniques for communicating with clients;
  2. Advanced methods and techniques for consultative selling;
  3. Strategic methods and tactics for negotiation.
Program’s results – benchmark

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Projects generated and implemented


Happy Leaders


Delivrables of the program

The purpose and objectives of the program

It is to facilitate and achieve:

  1. Persuading participants to abandon the empirical way of selling and make the switch to a professional and systemic way of approaching clients.
  2. Transferring sales methods and tools used by professional consulting companies, to the employees from the sales department of our client’s company.
  3. Implementing 15 professional sales management systems to ensure that all dysfunctions in the sales department are eliminated.
  4. Providing participants with a business development format which allows them to fully take advantage of the company’s potential.
Basic concepts of the program
  1. Behavioral usances in business;
  2. Patterns and mechanisms for decoding and understanding the difficult personalities of clients and colleagues;
  3. Clients’ mechanisms of thought and action.
  4. Professional mechanisms, methods, and tools for segmenting, positioning and targeting clients;
  5. Professional tools and mechanisms for analyzing and diagnosing the company’s business environment;
  6. Mechanisms, methods, and instruments for formatting and building the targeted database;
  7. Mechanisms for creating and implementing professional systems and instruments for planning and forecasting operational objectives for positions;
  8. Professional methods for achieving the job’s quantitative and qualitative objectives;
  9. Professional tools and methods for contacting clients and closing sales;
  10. Professional methods and tools for presenting your offer to the client in such a way that it will have an impact on him (in a good way);
  11. Professional methods and tools for argumentation in your relationship with the client;
  12. Professional methods and tools for handling objections and closing sales;
  13. Professional methods and tools for managing the long-term relationship with the company’s clients;
  14. Strategic action plans for achieving the quantitative and qualitative objectives of the job.
  15. Implementing a professional consultative selling system;
The concrete and immediate results of the program 

Methodology, methods, and tools for implementing more than 40 turnkey projects in the company.

  1. Reforming the attitudes and behaviors of the employees in the sales department;
  2. Motivating the employees in the sales department from a psychological point of view;
  3. System for developing, promoting, assuming and disseminating the quantitative and qualitative objectives for the positions;
  4. Methodology for segmenting, positioning and targeting clients;
  5. System for creating and implementing a targeted database;
  6. Creating and implementing strategic action plans, regarding the achievement of the quantitative and qualitative objectives regarding the sales activity;
  7. Mechanisms, methods, and tools for approaching consultative selling in relation to the customers;
  8. System for monitoring and controlling the process of achieving position-related objectives;
  9. System for planning sales-related objectives, activities, and actions;
  10. Developing and implementing projects to promote the company’s products and services, through sales and distribution channels.