GM Masterclass Academy

Program’s Coordination

Number of participants/group


No. of days/module

Course: 3 days;


750 €

The Consultants of the Program


Petre Nicolae

Program target group

Owners, Presidents, General Managers,

Top Managers, Consultants.

Certification type / issuing authority


“General Manager” 


Accredited by all the competent bodies of the Romanian state.

No. of modules/program

  1. Reorganizing, developing and consolidating the business.
  2. Business Process Management.
  3. Mapping the structural links between departments and roles.
  4. Coaching for accelerating employees’ results.
  5. Managing team performance.
  6. Establishing and implementing the company’s strategy.

No. implemented projects/program

25 project formats;

5 projects/module;

Complete Methodology Required for:

  • Reorganizing the company;
  • Performance management;
  • Organizational development.

Delivrables of the Program

12 consulting methodologies

1200 turnkey formats and projects

2400 delivrables needed to reorganize the company and consolidate the business

Brief description of the program

The program consists of six professional modules and is based on a full consulting methodology that can reorganize, develop and consolidate a business.


Also, the program represents a real arsenal, which is comprised of methods, tools, and deliverables that are used only in business reorganization, development and consolidation consultancy. In other words, the program accomplishes a complete transfer of the methodology required for reorganizing, developing and consolidating a company, from our experts to company Presidents and General Managers in Romania.

GM Masterclass Academy

Program’s results – benchmark

Participants in this program


Projects generated and implemented


Reorganized companies


Business start-ups

Purpose and objectives of the program
  1. Transferring a complete methodology to reorganize, develop and consolidate the company, to the top management of a company. In this way, top managers will be ready and able to grow and manage their business professionally, without needing the help of a consultancy company.
  2. Preparing a team that specializes in business reorganization, development, and consolidation.
  3. Implementing 20 professional organizational management systems which will eliminate all issues related to operating a business.
  4. Ensuring the transfer of a complete arsenal of mechanisms, methods, tools, and deliverables necessary to reorganize and develop the company, and the ways to disseminate it to all the employees who are not involved in the program.
  5. Increasing the motivation and determination levels of the managers involved in the program. The purpose is that the employees involved in the program will have a concrete way of reorganizing and developing the business.
Basic concepts of the program

25% of the whole program’s curricula

  1. Mechanisms to diagnose the business environment and audit the company’s departments. The approach of this process is based on four consultancy axes, using a methodology called OPAC®.
  2. Mechanisms of strategic reorganization of the company, using the Consulting Methodology, MOA®:

    For more information click here

  3. Mechanisms for implementing a Performance-based Management (Performance Management®):
    • MBO, Objective Management Systems;
    • BPS, Business Process Standardization Systems, Organizational Process Mapping;
    • KPI’s, Standardizing organization performance;
    • PAS, Employee performance appraisal systems.
  4. Full Consultation Methodology to Achieve “Organizational Development®”:

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  5. Consultancy mechanisms in setting indicators and performance standards;
  6. Full methodology for implementing evaluation systems, using MOA methodology;
  7. Mapping structural links, establishing and implementing flows, in order for information to better circulate between departments and roles;
  8. Developing and implementing a business strategy, and also the corporate strategy;
  9. Format for reconstructing and developing the management team.
  10. ….
Concrete results of the GM Masterclass Academy® program
  1. Full methodology for achieving at least 25 projects implemented within the company, made to help reorganize, develop and consolidate the company;
  2. Obtaining a performance-based climate, which will act as the foundation for developing performance in the organization;
  3. A reorganized company based on performant business principles;
  4. A team of team managers, ready to face any business challenges;
  5. Strategy for business development and consolidation for the next year.

What do our clients say about the program?

Cristian Pop – GM, Pet Product

Ileana Nicolae – Director Central and East Europe, EMEA Sika AG

Mihaela Aldea – CEO, Monsson Group Romania

Laurentiu Trocan – GM, Rasirom RA

Andrei Ursulescu – GM, Scandia Food Romania

Gabriel Constantinescu – Managing Director, Publicis Events

Bogdan Huidan – GM, Volvo Romania

Mirela Barlodeanu – Director HR/Coordonator HR (Centre si East Europe), Legrand Romania

Andrei Popea – GM, Five’s International

Alina Radulescu – Director HR, Teamnet

Alexandra Popescu – Country Manager, Oxette

Elena Danila – Director HR, Nordic Group