Top & Executive Management

The Coordinates of the Program

Number of participants/group

Maximum 15


Course:3 days;


Only on request

The Consultants of the Program

Expertise level N-0; N-1;

Program target group

Top Managementul of the company

Board of directors of a company

Certification type / issuing authority

Accredited by all the competent bodies of the romanian state.

Number of modules

Minimum 5

Maximum 12

No.implemented projects/program

Minimum 25

Maximum 80

Deliverables of the Program

Full consulting methodology for company reorganization, development, and consolidation.

Short description of the program

The program aims to transfer a full consulting expertise in reorganizing, developing and consolidating a business to the top management of a company.

Throughout the program, over 40 organizational projects will be developed and implemented in order to solve all the problems the company and the top management team are facing.

Program’s results – benchmark

Participants in this program


Participants evaluated before the start of the program


Projects generated and implemented


Delivrables used in a program

The purpose and objectives of the program
  1. Transferring a complete methodology for reorganizing, developing and consolidating a company, to its Top Management. This way, the top managers become their own strategic management consultants, able to professionally deal with everything that is involved in running a company without needing help from a consultancy company.
  2. Training a team specialized in reorganizing, developing and consolidating a business.
  3. Implementing 20 professional organizational management systems in order to eliminate all issues related to operating a business.
  4. Providing a full arsenal of mechanisms, methods, tools, and deliverables needed to reorganize and develop the company, and disseminating the information to all the other employees who are not involved in the program.
  5. Increasing motivation and determination for implementing the projects generated within the program. The motivation is generated by the fact that the employees involved in the program will know the professional ways of reorganizing and developing a business.
Methodology / Deployment mechanisms

The Integrated Transformational® Training Program Mechanism
The program is based on the following steps:

  1. In-depth assessment of the target group (scanning the untapped managerial potential) on four axes:
    • Sociopsychometric evaluation;
    • Professional and technical evaluation;
    • Practical assessment and assessing the expertise;
    • Development potential assessment.
  2. Delivering the methodology to the target group, meaning:
    • Tailoring the entire transformational training program, to the needs identified in the process of In-Depth Evaluation of the company management;
    • Transferring a complete methodology for reorganizing, developing and consolidating the company, from our consultants to the participants in the program;
    • Generating 5 projects for each of the eight modules and implementing them in the company’s current activity.
  3. Offering consultancy in developing and implementing all the projects generated during the process of reorganizing, developing, and consolidating the company:
    • Developing and implementing individual and group projects;
    • Re-doing and recalibrating the projects if they are incompatible or incorrectly designed;
    • Presenting the projects to the company’s  board of directors and validating them;
    • Consultancy for project implementation, offered by the program’s consultants.
  4. Assessing and certifying the participants:
    • Assessing participants’ results and validating their expertise.
    • Organizing the ceremony for handing the certificates to the participants.
25% of the basic concepts of the program
  1. The business models and business consultancy methodologies, only used by the “Big Four”. Model for assessing a business on four consultancy axes.
  2. The mechanisms, methods and tools for setting the fundamental objectives for the company. The mechanisms for establishing, promoting (motivating employees to contribute to the implementation of the organizational performance systems), assuming and disseminating quantitative and qualitative operational objectives for all positions in the company.
  3. Methods and tools for diagnosing the company’s business environment (professional diagnosis tools only used in the consultancy field):
    • Five professional tools for analyzing the competitive and business environment;
    • Five tools for auditing the departments and functions in the company;
    • Formats for auditing the organizational climate;
    • Methodology for auditing the way positions function in the company (MOA Methodology).
  4. Professional methods and tools used in the strategic organization of the company:
    • Operational mechanisms used to eliminate internal constraints and reduce the external ones (PSA Methodology).
    • Mechanisms and methodologies used in setting-up objectives, activities, tasks and responsibilities, concrete actions for departments and positions (MOA Methodology).
  5. Mechanisms, methodologies and deliverables necessary to develop and implement the design for the positions and departments in the company.
  6. Methodologies, mechanisms, and deliverables used in the establishment and implementation of organizational structures.
  7. The Methodology, processes, mechanisms, actions, and deliverables necessary for the strategic organization of the company.
  8. The Mechanisms for establishing and implementing a system focused on the psychological motivation of team members.
  9. The Mechanisms for establishing and implementing a system for coordinating team member’s activities.
  10. The Mechanisms for establishing and implementing performance indicators for each position in the company.
25% of the program’s concrete and immediate results

Complete Methodology comprised of mechanisms, instruments, and deliverables necessary for implementing more than 40 turnkey projects into your company.

  1. Project for defining and setting the fundamental objectives for the company (offering a consultancy mechanism for establishing and disseminating the company’s vision, mission, and fundamental objectives);
  2. Project for implementing an objectives-focused management (MBO);
  3. Project for implementing  a performance-focused management (MOA,PSA,etc);
  4. Project for formatting or reformatting the company’s organizational climate;
  5. Project for designing and implementing a code of behavioral and organizational conduct (in accordance with the consulting methodology);
  6. Project for implementing an organizational culture with a focus on feedback;
  7. Project for establishing and implementing perfomance standards;
  8. Project for designing and implementing performance appraisal systems.

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