Sales Force Management

The Coordinates of the Program

Number of participants/group

Maximum 15

No. days/module

Course: 3 days;


Only at request

The Consultants of the Program

Level of expertise N-1; N-2; N-4

Program target group

Commerce Directors;

Sales Managers;

Regional Directors;

Area Directors;

Team Leaders;


Sales agents.

Certification type / issuing authority

Credited by all the competent bodies of the romanian state.

Number of modules

Minimum 5

Maximum 8

No. Projects implemented/program


Deliverables of the Program


Short program description

The program is based on a complete methodology which allows for the whole sales department to be reorganized so that it will allow for the implementation of a management focused on objectives, and on performance indicators and standards, and also for the implementation of an employee appraisal system.


The sales team will be equipped with all the necessary skills for selling products, handling customer objections, sales pitching, collecting IOUs and managing customer relationships.

At the end of the program, the participants will receive 24 folders with all the methodology needed to achieve the department’s sales objectives.

Program’s results – benchmark

Participants in this program


Participants evaluated before the start of the program


Projects generated and implemented


Delivrables used in a program

Purpose and objectives of the program
  1. Equipping the participants with all the competencies and expertise necessary to achieve their assigned objectives.
  2. Reorganizing the sales department according to performant business formats.
  3. Developing 20 professional projects aimed to help participants implement a professional way of working by using an approach based on:
    • Mechanisms for segmenting products/services and the market;
    • Mechanisms for realizing the Marketing Mix for the company’s services or products;
    • Mechanisms for creating a targeted database;
    • Mechanisms for contacting customers;
    • Mechanisms for making offers and sales pitching;
    • etc.
Methodology / Deployment mechanisms

Integrated Transformational Training® mechanisms

The program is based on the following steps:

  1. In-depth appraisal of the target group (scanning the untapped potential of the sales team) on four axes:
    • Sociopsychometric assessment;
    • Professional and technical evaluation;
    • Practical assessment and expertise assessment;
    • Development potential assessment.
  2. Delivering the methodology to the target group, meaning:
    • Tailoring the entire transformational training program, to the needs identified in the process of In-Depth Evaluation of the company management;
    • Transferring a complete methodology for reorganizing, developing and consolidating the company, from our consultants to the participants;
    • Generating 5 projects for each of the five modules and implementing them in the company’s current activity.
  3. The follow-up session:
    • Developing and implementing individual and group projects;
    • Re-doing and re-calibrating projects if they are incomplete or flawed;
    • Presenting the projects to the board of directors of the company and validating them;
    • Consultancy in the project implementation process, provided by our consultants.
  4. Certifying the participants:
    • Assessing participants’ results and validating their expertise.
    • Organizing the ceremony for handing the certificates to the participants.
25% of the program’s base concepts
  1. People’s mechanisms of thought and action and how they affect performance;
  2. Communication techniques used in relationships with customers (listening techniques, perception checking techniques, feedback, interrogation, behavioral calibration, etc.)
  3. Communication and business usances deployed in relationships with customers;
  4. Professional mechanisms for products and market segmentation;
  5. Professional mechanisms for carrying off the marketing MIX for the company’s products or services;
  6. 25 folders containing all the mechanisms necessary for the sales process, from tender to collecting IOUs
  7. Mechanisms and strategies for negotiating contracts;
  8. Formats for reorganizing the sales department, according to performant business patterns;
  9. Mechanisms for implementing an objectives-based management, MBO 
  10. Mechanisms for implementing performance indicators for sales;
  11. Mechanisms for implementing performance monitoring and appraisal systems in the sales department;
  12. Mechanisms for time management and for managing relationships with clients;
  13. etc.
Concrete results of the program
  1. A functional sales department, based on the most performant business formats in the sales business.
  2. Every employee in the department will have concrete mechanisms for:
    • Planning and organizing objectives and the ways to achieve them;
    • Pitching the company’s services and products;
    • Handling clients’ objections;
    • Negotiating and closing deals;
    • Managing the relationship with clients.
  3. Managers will be able to handle employees’ performance due to already having implemented:
    • Systems and mechanisms for coordinating employee activity;
    • Management by objectives, MBO;
    • Performance indicators;
    • A performance appraisal and monitoring system;
    • A matrix of all the activities, tasks, responsibilities and actions required to meet the objectives;
    • Sales strategy for the current year.

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