Middle & Talents Management

The Coordinates of the Program

Number of participants/group

Maximum 15

No. days/module

Course: 3 days;


Only at request

The Consultants of the Program

Expertise level N-2; N-3;

Program target group

Office Managers

Team Leaders


Team Executive

Employees considered talents

Certification type / issuing authority

Credited by all the competent bodies of the romanian state.

Number of modules

Minimum 3

Maximum 5

No. Projects implemented/program


Deliverables of Program


Short program description

The program aims to transfer all the methods and tools needed to manage the performance of a team, to the middle management of a company.

Also, the methodology used is geared towards helping the participants develop and implement over 20 projects able to solve all the problems a manager faces in his relationship with his subordinate employees.

Program’s results – benchmark

Participants in this program


Participants evaluated before the start of the program


Projects generated and implemented


Delivrables used in a program

The purpose and objectives of the program
  1. Transferring professional methods and tools for supervising and managing and the activity of subordinates, to the middle management of a company.
  2. Equipping participants with all the competencies, Know-How and the expertise required to perform better and get the best results on the job.
  3. Implementing 10 professional coordination and monitoring systems which ensure that all the dysfunctions encountered in coordinating a team and in its process of meeting objectives are eliminated.
  4. Implementing 20 professional projects, which ensure the performance and control of a team. Implementation is guaranteed by the existence of a whole arsenal of mechanisms, methods, tools, and deliverables designed to help you meet your objectives and also help you coordinate your team so that they will also meet their objectives.
Methodology / Deployment mechanisms

The mechanisms of the Integrated Transformational Training®
The program is based on the following steps:

  1. In-depth appraisal for program participants (scanning the untapped managerial potential) based on four axes:
    • Sociopsychometric assessment;
    • Professional and technical evaluation;
    • Practical assessment and expertise assessment;
    • Development potential assessment.
  2. Delivering the methodology to the target group, meaning:
    • Tailoring the entire transformational training program, to the needs identified in the process of In-Depth Evaluation of the company management;
    • Transferring all the methods and tools required for implementing an objectives-focused management, performance indicators, and evaluation systems;
    • Generating 5 projects for each of the eight modules and implementing them in the company’s current activity.
  3. Certifying the participants:
    • Assessing participants’ results and validating their expertise.
    • Organizing the ceremony for handing the certificates to the participants.
25% of the base concepts of the program
  1. People’s mechanisms of thought and action and how to handle difficult personalities in the team.
  2. Ten communication techniques used in the relationships with team members (feedback techniques, perception checking techniques, listening techniques, interrogation techniques, etc.).
  3. Mechanisms for delivering and receiving negative criticism and transforming it into constructive criticism.
  4. Five professional coaching techniques used in the relationship with team members.
  5. Professional methods for recruitment and for the organizational integration of new employees.
  6. Implementing methods and tools for time management.
  7. Professional methods and tools for organizing team members’ activities.
  8. Implementing an objective-focused management. Establishing qualitative and quantitative objectives using the MOA® methodology.
  9. Developing and implementing psychological motivation systems for the employees.
  10. Methodology for analyzing, evaluating and implementing a performance control system.
25% of the program’s concrete and immediate results
  1. Project for implementing a budget-focused management and professional forecast instruments;
  2. Project for implementing a system dedicated to planning and organizing team members’ objectives, activities and concrete actions (MOA Methodology);
  3. Project for implementing the tools and methods necessary for professionally coordinating the team and its activities;
  4. Project for implementing the systems necessary for the team’s professional and psychological motivation;
  5. Project for implementing feedback-focused organizational culture principles in the team;
  6. Project for establishing and implementing performance indicators.
  7. Project for implementing a mentoring culture in the team.
  8. Establishing and implementing succession plans.
  9. Format for implementing the plan for new employees’ organizational integration.

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