Consultancy for the Strategic Reorganization of the Company

Short description of the program


The process consists in transferring the entire consulting methodology needed to reorganize, develop and consolidate a business to the Top Management of a company.

The transfer of the entire methodology is thought to be a perfect combination of an equipping process with all the skills needed for an organizational management consultant and the generation of 20 projects capable of transforming the organization into a performance one.

Program’s results – benchmark

Customers benefiting from consulting


Consulting in Organizational Redesign


Consulting in Performance Management


Consulting in Organizational Development

Transformational Consultancy Approach – Objectives and Goals
  1. Motivating a company’s top management to get involved in reorganizing, developing and consolidating the company.
  2. Managing your own change from an organizational point of view and also working along the management team for implementing all the changes necessary in the company.
  3. Reorganizing, developing and consolidating according to professional business formats.
Consultancy Program Coordinates

We have the complete consulting methodology necessary for the process of strategic reorganization and restructuring of a company.


Areas of expertise are as follows:

  1. Organizational redesign;
  2. Performance management;
  3. Organizational development.
Detailed description of the areas of expertise

Organizational redesign

It is a systemic process through which departments, functions, and positions are reorganized according to performant business principles. The strategic reorganization guidelines are as follows:

  1. Determining the strategic areas in the company/business which need a transformation; vision – strategic objectives, operational objectives – tactical objectives.
  2. Designing departments and positions. Establishing how departments and positions should function.
  3. Defining and formalizing the organizational structure;
  4. Mapping structural links between departments and positions;
  5. Creating and implementing the company’s legal system.

Performance Management

Process for establishing the company’s performance coordinates based on reformatting the business systems. The strategic guidelines for a performance-oriented management are:

  1. MBO, Objectives-Focused Management Systems;
  2. BPS, Mapping business processes and systems in the company (Business Processing);
  3. KPI’s, Standardizing organizational performance;
  4. PAS, Employee performance appraisal systems.

Organizational development

Organizational process for making the switch from a “mechanistic” process for achieving results to a process focused on increasing employee loyalty and retention rate:

  1. Reforming the organizational climate;
  2. Developing and implementing Self-management skills;
  3. Developing and implementing an organizational culture focused on Feedback;
  4. Developing and implementing an organizational culture focused on Self-Management;
  5. Developing and implementing an organizational culture focused on Mentoring and Coaching.
Duration of the consulting process

Organizational Redesign

1.5 – 2 years

Performance management

1.5 – 2 years

Organizational development

1.0 – 1.5 years

Consultancy Methodology / Deployment Mechanisms

We own a license for our consultancy methodology and mechanisms used in reorganizing, developing and consolidating a company .


The methodologies used are calibrated for the Romanian organizational and business environment, and our consultants are experts with more than 20 years of experience in the business management.

The concrete results of the consultancy program
Organizational Redesign
  1. Company’s vision, mission, and strategic and operational objectives, all assumed by the employees.
  2. Each department and position will have their coordinates for achieving quantitative and qualitative goals set. The methodology used is MOA® (Matrix for Organizing Activities)
  3. Each department and post will have their hierarchical, decisional, competence, and responsibility levels set.
  4. Each department and post, of the company, will have the following guidelines drawn:
    • The circuit for documents and information which needs to be followed from one department to another;
    • Responsibility for the actions taken in relation to the other positions and departments;
    • Mechanisms for regulating the relationships between positions and departments;
    • Etc……
  5. The company will meet all the policies, regulations, rules and procedures required to conduct business and obtain………
Performance Management

Each department and post within the company will have achieved, assumed and implemented the following:

  1. Quantitative and qualitative objectives, and also the mechanisms necessary for meeting them;
  2. Performance indicators, and also standards for pay, compensations, and benefits;
  3. Evaluation and self-evaluation systems, following the professional mechanisms for establishing and implementing them (MOA Methodology);
  4. Defining all management, execution, and business processes within the company.
Organizational Development

Developing the following organizational behaviors:

  1. Brand and company loyalty;
  2. Volunteering and initiative in relation to the company;
  3. Open and assertive communication with others;
  4. Full involvement in the company and desire to take all the necessary actions for changing it for the better;
  5. Eliminating avoidant and time-consuming behaviors.

What our graduates have to say about the program