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Wellness, kinesiology, physiotherapy

Marius Viorel Dinca

Owner & Health Coach


Active Life message

Being CEO today equals or even surpasses the effort of a top athlete. Such a performer has a team dedicated to his health and physical-emotional resources. Similarly, a top CEO needs professionals specialized in maintaining and improving the quality of life at home and office. For this reason, we created a clear, simple, clear wellness program with real-life inspired elements that puts the manager in focus and encourages healthy, sustainable habits, easy to evaluate, adapted and repeated.

Business description

Active Life is the first Corporate Wellness Company to operate on the Romanian market and has an experience of over 11 years. Active Life has a young, performance, dynamic, proactive and unified team of 25 employees and collaborators who are in continuous development and refinement. We operate in Bucharest, Ploiesti, Brasov, Bacau, Iasi, Cluj, Timisoara, Sibiu, Constanta and we want to expand in other cities in the country. The mission of Active Life is to deliver health and happiness through WOW services and, at the same time, to help people and companies adopt a balanced and healthy lifestyle that is directly reflected in their performance and energy levels.

The Active Life vision is: Become the most successful, complete and trusted provider of Corporate Wellness integrated services in Eastern Europe and be the Partner and Business Consultant to create a healthier and happier work environment together .

Values ​​in which we believe: Professionalism, Empathy (Humanity) – Relating our family, colleagues and clients, The help we give to others, Trust and Faith

Companies that have opted for our holistic wellness programs::

CBC Romania, Orange Romania, Porsche Romania, Carpat Cement,CRH Ciment Romania, Danone, Leo Burnett, Publicis, Image PR, Good Year, Credite Europe, Bion, IB Cargo, WIPRO, Urgent Cargus, REWE, Regus. Mediatel, Uniqa Asigurari, Ecotic, Apa Nova, Ecovis, Electric Plus.

General competencies:
  • Academy of Physical Education and Sport Bucharest;
  • Yumeiho therapist(grade 4);
  • Founder of Active Chair Massage in Romania;
  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) CBC Romania;
  • Business Couching CBC Romania;
  • Balance Ergonomics;
  • Speaker Health & Ergonomics.
Wellness specialization components:
  • Reflexology Course (2002);
  • Relaxing and Maintenance Massage Course (2002);
  • Focused Touch Shiatsu Course – The Shiatsu Clinic School International -2 preparation stages (2002);
  • Reiki Course – Usui Shiki Ryoho – 2nd Degree (2003);
  • Fitness instructor course at the Romanian Federation “Sports for Everyone” (2003);
  • Training of Trainers (Romanian Ministry of Work) (2009);
  • Kinesiotaping Course (2012);
  • Osteon Manual Therapy Training (2015).
CBC Recommendation

Greetings, dear ones,

We are dynamic people and we like to have a good control over our actions and results, but also on our personal lives.

Often, our simple desire to perform is canceled by a harsh back or shoulder pain, which puts us in a position not to work for a few days.

I met Marius Dinca in a situation where I had a terrible back pain and I could not deal with anything other than powerful medications. After an hour, I got out of bed and continued my consultancy as though I did not suffer in my back pain. One description I have about Man Marius Dinca, namely, “this man is fabulous.”

The entire CBC team, my family and the GM Master Class Academy participants benefit from Marius’s services and his miracles.

On the other hand, Active Life is not a company in which to “massage the employees”, they are the most professional people that Romania has in kinesiotherapy and that is why I recommend it with all the warmth and responsibility of Marius Dinca, as a valuable partner, seriously and a standard in body and postural health of people.

I wish you to have full health!

PhD. Petre Nicolae
Owner CBC Romania