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Petre Nicolae, general manager CBC Romania, a company specialized in transformational consulting, organizational management and strategic business coaching, team building and integrated transformational training, has an experience of over 15 years in running businesses, occupying in turn positions of top management at the largest national and multinational companies. Since 2003, however, Nicolae chose to dedicate to consultancy, with a specialization in strategic and organizational management. GM Master Class Academy was founded four years ago, when he participated at an intensive training program at the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom). After completing he realized that everyone present, around 250 executives from the largest corporations in the world, have left with very good ideas, but nothing clear to help them in their business.

“I asked if there is a license to such a program, I purchased one and adapted it specifically for the market in Romania and especially for entrepreneurial management in Romania,” says Nicolae. But to match the market and management in Romania, the program had to be adapted and that in more than two years. His idea proved right so that by this time 1200 general managers participated in the program, of which 1110 are certified general managers.
Moreover, the program has become a landmark in transformational training and the consultancy market in Romania and a starting point in required training programs for General Managers and entrepreneurs in the country. “The program has the overall methodology that allows the accumulation of skills, a full set of methods and techniques in organizational management consultancy and 20 turnkey projects that can be used in the strategic organization of a company,” explains the general manager of CBC Romania. The target audience was also well defined – entrepreneurs, CEOs from top management and owners wanting strategic reorganization of the company by doing the following: Management based on objectives, team performance management standards combined with advanced systems for payroll, professional performance evaluation systems of employees, effective sales and marketing strategies. According to CBC Romania’s general manager, a good part of the students come to classes based on graduates recommendations. “20% of students do not know what they need and then they just trust our consultants. 60% of students come from recommendations of those who have already completed the program. 20% of students are among executives who are looking for a job and found to be weak in terms of professional training and then enter a professional segmentation program”.
Only owners, general managers and the top management of a company have access to the program. In other words, experiences and situations are different in each company, but also there are different ways to solve them. Thus, students interact in groups of five in the group projects generated by the program. Each student is part of a group of five people being involved in the accomplishing of 20 projects. Expectations of students are directed more towards reorganizing the company and implementing a performance-based management than to manage simultaneous projects or time management and key activities of the organization. “20% of students have no expectations related to the accumulation of skills in management, but want to gain knowledge of methods that can help them run their teams, while 40% of students have expectations related to the company’s reorganization and the implementation of a performance-based management system (management by objectives, performance indicators and standards of professional implementation of evaluation and payroll systems). There are 20% of students who have expectations of managing simultaneous projects, strategic management and good cooperation with business partners”adds Nicolae.

If the other courses, the participants leave with a minimum of new information that they forget soon, GM Master Class Academy provides complete methods and tools for the development and consolidation of a business, and 22 turnkey projects, capable of helping owners develop and strengthen their business. In the end they are granted “General Manager”certifications. “Fortunately for us, it is the only program in Romania that offers certification accredited by all bodies of the Romanian state –  COR- ” general manager “. Moreover, there are over 50 companies that have completely changed the approach, moving from an empirical approach to a professional, conscious and controlled business”, points out the young general manager. And if it comes to professionalism, I asked Mr. Petre Nicolae how this project meets the need for a professionalized general manager. The answer came immediately. “We provide a complete methodology for reorganizing companies by principles used by management consulting companies. Coming up with a strategy for development and consolidation of the business, presenting 22 turnkey projects related to the implementation of all systems required to strengthen a business, full methodology for recruitment and integration of new employees, formation of skills related to team management or extensive competencies of the human resource. “The project is structured around four compulsory and two optional modules: Organization and reorganization of companies, processes management and organizational mapping systems, performance management, realization and implementation of strategies, techniques and methods of Leadership coaching. Though both the structure and content of the project are necessary and useful training, the promotion is not adequatefor the program, meaning that there are thousands of general managers who need this course and don’t know that it exists and can solve all the problems faced in developing and establishing their own business. “There is no cost to restart the program. In other words, if someone went through the whole program, no longer has to pay again if they want to do it once more. A participant can attend whenever he wants the same course, “said the one who had the idea of ​​project implementation of GM Master Class Academy. Rares Pop



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