CBC: How to “revitalize” an employee who once had good results and now is in a deadlock, with an investment of 5,000 euro

One of the biggest challenges for managers is currently reconstructing the performance of an employee who, for various reasons, doesn’t get good results anymore and makes repeated mistakes that cost the company. Such an employee needs a reconstruction and personal development plan and in no case to be fired, Petre Nicolae, head of training and consulting company CBC Romania, told wall-street.ro.

“There are employees who have performed well in the past and have had excellent results, and suddenly they were no longer able to perform daily activities, have delays in their reactions are becoming more stressed and are reluctant for any extra effort, that in the past would have done in an instant. What is actually happening?!

We can say that the employee is demotivated or malicious, but that helps neither him nor us. Well, the employee may suffer from a strong affective emotional deadlock or a beginning of anxiety or depression, “said Petre Nicolae.

“Deadlocks occur when the human brain no longer supports external physical pressure, and then breaks, sometimes irreparably. Specifically employees can not cope with the problems they face every day and that is when deadlocks occur. “

How does a dealocked employee behave:

In personal plan a man suffering a blockage no longer feels good about life and is no longer motivated to succeed in various actions, no longer cares, is sad and listless with no energy and can not rest. Disagrees with anyone having a different point of view.
An employee can not concentrate, is dissatisfied with the work place and frustrated that he can not get more, doesn’t engage in activities and manifests an acute shortage of voluntary relationships with others. It also proves poor reasoning and judgment only affected by what they want want, no longer having the ability to put themselves in other people’s shoes. Most oftenly he finds excuses and blames those around for his/her failures.
The most common causes that generate such behaviors are imbalances in the family, the wrong choice of a domain for which they have no skills, a trauma in his personal life, or lack of beliefs and life principles transferred from parents to children capable to develop them emotionaly  so they gain psychological independence.

How does such a man affect the company:
  • Make repeated mistakes that increase the company’s costs. There are situations when projects are delivered incomplete or flawed, late and high costs;
  • Demotivates others and acts as a negative example of organizational behavior;
  • A more careful supervision of such an employee, which leads to time lost for those involved;
  • Discussions in contradiction, leading to increased organizational stress;
  • Delay in completion of projects or frustration from others.
How it affects colleagues:
  • The climate becomes toxic and lowers motivation and determination in the group;
  • Charging with the emotional problems of such an employee, and it becomes increasingly unbearable;
  • Taking their tasks and in this way, loading own working time;
  • Transfer professional problems in the family and in this sense causes tiredness and lack of performance.

It is irresponsible to fire an individual who no longer has the ability to understand why they have to perform or even can’t perform. As long as they are not ill will or malicious, and have performed previously, then it is a moral obligation to help such a man to recover previous potential. However, it reduces to lay off, which is not always bad for the one fired, meaning that the individual can focus on health and rebalance “said Petre Nicolae.

According to him, the investments in “revitalization” of such an employee include, besides the monthly salary, 1,300 euros for a program of Leadership Coaching and other 4,000 euros for a program of reconstruction and assisted personal development.

CBC director says that without such investment chances in the labor market of an employee who is in a jam are minimal.

CBC Romania, led by Petre Nicolae, is a company specializing in training, assessment centers, strategic management consulting, coaching – mentoring, recruitment and headhunting.

The main competitors on the training market in Romania are Ascendis, Trend Consult, Equatorial, Dale Carnegie Training Romania, Qualians, Hart Consulting and Accelera.



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