Business Coaching an alternative to a company exit from crisis

Roughly two months ago, in one of the courses organized by CBC Romania at the Ramada Hotel, one of the participants entered the room and addressed me directly: “Sir, if you are one of charlatans who call themselves business coaches and take people’s money for nothing, I will leave the room and I will embarrass you in front of 30 people.” This person is a famous lawyer from Romania, who, through the need of a coaching service, met all kinds of “business coaches” who were between 27 and 35 years, were practicing coaching for 20 years but they couldn’t successfully measure their results without superlative indicators. The outcome of my history was very happy. The famous lawyer remained for the three days of coaching and became a vector of positive image for the Business Coaching program. In this context, I just wanted to point out that if you aren’t a true professional and you do not have tangible results in this job, sooner or later you will be exposed and you lose everything you have.

You are probably wondering what is Business Coaching, what good is it for, who needs it and when, the methods used, which are the clear results, what is the profile of a successful business coach, how do to distinguish from the fake one, where we can meet the coach, how can we contact the coach and how to become a successful business coach.

Where we can meet, how we can contact and how to become a business coach?

Too many questions, right?! Well, I’ll try to answer each of them!

What is Business Coaching?!

Business Coaching is the only method for personal and professional development of an entrepreneur, whereby a qualified person called and business coach helps an entrepreneur or a general manager to acquire their own professional methods and tools by which they can:

  • determine the best strategies for growth or consolidation of business;
  • get the most timely, adequate and guaranteed decisions about people and businesses;
  • identify and determine the best mechanisms to maximize business opportunities and identify their growth;
  • reform the team and get the best performance with team members;
  • develop professional and personal points of view;
  • rebalance the life by maintaining the balance between job and family;
  • continuosly develop skills and have the ability to transfer all to the team members.
Who Should Attend?

Business owners and people who manage their businesses like entrepreneurs, CEOs and general managers.
Business coaching skills are: executive coaching, corporate coaching and leadership coaching. Since the crisis has been the determining factor in triggering failures of businesses and entrepreneurs, experts have identified new and effective methods for world leaders. For this reason, we will analyze in detail leadership coaching as the best, complex and thorough method of coaching.
Leadership coaching or coaching reconstruction and development of personal and professional business people is addressed to entrepreneurs, CEOs and general managers of a company. It consists of in-depth development of all skills and expertise of leaders, so they naturally exploit their full potential and maximize business results.
CBC Romania Romania uses the only method for diagnosis of professional, personal and professional development of leaders, called PRP®, People Reconstruction Process®. PRP aims to complete entrepreneurs or managers diagnosis 4 axis:

  • Pillar Nr. 001: Beliefs and core values ​​of the manager;
  • Pillar Nr. 002: The family functioning and family balance;
  • Pillar Nr. 003: Personal Power – personal reconstruction capacity;
  • Pillar Nr. 004: Professional – skills and expertise.
When do we need Business Coaching ?!

There is a moment in the life of an entrepreneur when he has to sit and wonder why the business can not go on as before, why employees are not motivated and determined, why customers are not as loyal and open, why banks are no longer open and welcoming? Well, the answer lies in changing the attitude and behavior of the contractor or the general managers and the lack of skills and expertise in strategic management and organizational depth. In other words, the crisis has brought many opportunities but also many obstacles, including fierce competition, such as limited resources in achieving objectives.

When do we need coaching?

We turn to coaching when the business stagnates or no longer develops; employees are increasingly demotivated and no longer perform; we feel that we are stuck and can not get out of the situation we are in; we are very stressed about the future development of the company; we feel that we can not exploit all the opportunities that we have.

But also if …

  • we lost the business and we can not return;
  • no longer have confidence in ourselves and in what we do;
  • We can not focus on the business because of divorce;
  • The feeling that whatever we do, we will recover;
  • We feel like we do pointless work and a bad job in everything.

A “copy” or “fake” business coach will deliver only general things without any consistency. They have no experience and will try to minimize the professional experience and expertise, arguing that you don’t need expertise to become a good coach: you just have to be a good leader and a good motivator to succeed in this job.

What is actually a business coach?

First, he/she must make a clear assessment of how you interact with the business and organizational environment of the company on four diagnosis axis: socio-psychometric axis, the axis of the fundamental objectives and organizational processes of the company, company’s organizational climate axis and personal balance axis (methodology on four pillars, PRP). After diagnosis, a business coach must come up with a definite plan for reconstruction of the business, on the same four axes: the duration of the program, activities and concrete actions, mode of interaction, the first results expected and how they can be quantified. Clear activities of an integrated Business Coaching plan can be:

  • Mentoring for thorough implementation of skills;
  • Personal development and reconstruction pillar;
  • Business Coaching Sessions.
How to become a business coach?

CBC Romania is the only company in Romania that can form and give certification for a business coach. The program lasts three months, with three modules of three days each. After its completion, it’ll be an exam, after which you get an accredited free practice certificate of business coach, but under supervision. For two years, you will have to practice coaching in an association (Business Coaching Professionals League), where you don’t need to pay any fee or cost, but you must attend weekly Business Coaching sessions under supervision. After two years, you will be able to get an income from coaching and help entrepreneurs and general managers to perform.

I hope you have all the information you need, as future clients and as future business coaches.

I wish you luck!

PhD. Petre Nicolae

Source: VIP magazine (June 2013)