Specialized Recruitment on Top Management

Specialized Recruitment is not a “cheap toy” putted in the hands of a mostly inexperienced recruiter and who does not have a methodology for recruitment, selection and organizational integration of new employees.

 This mistake made by most General Managers Romania, can cost disrupting business and ultimately bankruptcy.

The cost of failed recruitment equals 12 months of the employee salary!

Kruger Recruitment System®
It is the most complete and complex system of recruitment in Romania because it is based on a perfect combination of a classical system of recruitment, a system of thorough evaluation, consulting in establishing the basic strategic objectives of a position and a system of organizational integration , Induction Plan Process.

The system is based on a complete calibration methodology, between employees and the organization: 

  1. Mechanisms for professional recruitment, selection and organizational integration;
  2. Mechanisms of thorough scanning of candidates in terms of behaviors, attitudes and skills;
  3. Methodology for organizational integration of new employees, Induction Process Plan;
  4. Complete position design, which has all coordinates of a post;
  5. Custom professional deliverables
Program Coordinates

Recruited positions

General Manager, CEO, Executive Director;

Chief accountant, CFO;

Sales Manager, Commercial director, Marketing Director;

Human Resource Manager;

Logistics & Warehousing Director

Expertise for recruited positions:

  • Business administration;
  • Business development and consolidation;
  • Business management consultancy;
  • Financial-accounting-controlling;
  • Sales Management;
  • Marketing management;
  • Human resources;
  • Logistics and warehousing.

Consultants in program

Specialized recruiter on cognitive decoding;

Specialized recruiter on the recruiting position;

Competencies assessor;

Organizational integration specialist

Deliverables of the Program

MOA, Methodology for establishing coordinates of a position in the company;

Job design, clear coordinates;

Consultant + Organizational integration plan.

Deadline for finishing the project

30 days from the signing of the contract


2 gross salaries

Recruited positions – benchmark

General Managers, CEOs, Executive Directors


CFO, Chief Accountant


Human Resource Managers


Sales Managers, Commercial directors


Marketing Directors


Other positions

The recruitment methodology used

Kruger Recruitment System®  uses a methodology for recruitment, selection and organizational integration of employees and is based on all deliverables and mechanisms used in ensuring a successful recruitment.

The system is based on all the mechanisms that guarantee a successful recruitment process, namely:

  1. Mechanisms for decoding lies and covert behaviors;
  2. Mechanisms to identify the degree of motivation and determination;
  3. Mechanisms for full scanning of potential candidates;
  4. Mechanisms for scanning current professional level;
  5. Methodology for determining the coordinates of the position;
  6. Mechanisms of employee integration and calibration with the organization
Our methodologies and licenses

OPAC Consultancy Methodology®;

MOA Methodology®;

PRP, People Reconstruction Process®;

Kruger Appraisal System®;

Kruger Climate Diagnosis®;

Kruger Recruitment System®.


Through what does Kruger Recruitment System® differentiate

  1. It is the only system of recruitment in Romania that offers:
    – a full scan and thorough evaluation of candidates;
    – a job design done after consulting methodology, MOA Matrix Methodology;
    – a professional organizational integration plan, Induction Plan Process, which provides the ability to control the integration and calibrate the new employee with the organization.
  2. Calibrate perfectly candidates for the positions that are to be filled;
  3. It is impossible for an unsuitable candidate to be employed, if a system of performance evaluation and calibration with the organization is used;
  4. It is the only system in Romania which enables the assessment of skills and technical expertise on the job. In this respect, most recruitment companies fail to do the cognitive behavioral interview;
  5. Avoid superficial recruitment processes by going through a systemic process of recruitment, assessment and selection (a number of steps and mechanisms for validation of candidates from one stage to another).

For those interested!

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