Business & Leadership Coaching

Being a professional and responsible Business Coach means more than graduating from a school of coaching and having a portfolio of renowned clients. Besides all listed assets we need methodologies to help us reconstruct and develop leaders.

Also, a business coach needs a real arsenal of mechanisms that help clients perform these 10 areas of management development and transformational leadership:

  1. Self-analysis and self-reflection;
  2. Developing skills and competencies;
  3. Analysis and decision making;
  4. Management of conflicts and crises;
  5. Developing effective teams;
  6. Clarify expectations of employees;
  7. Increasing confidence of employees;
  8. Developing employees motivation;
  9. Encourage employees flexibility;
  10. Increasing confidentiality and loyalty of employees

The business coaching methodology is called  PRP, People Reconstruction Process®

It is the most modern method of management and leadership, by which a person called a Business Coach helps a General Manager or an entrepreneur to develop their capabilities to perform these ten directions of development and performance:


The balance between business and personal life

The ability to achieve a positive constructive guidance system regarding life and professional balance


Handling and control of business

The ability to manage professionally a business with mechanisms for strategic business control


Accelerated mechanisms for analysis, reflection and decision making

  • The ability to use professional tools and methods of analysis, reflection and managerial decision;
  • Use of decision-making mechanisms.

Professional, systematic and strategic approach of a business

  • The ability to use professional tools and methods in the development and stregthening of the business;
  • Developing nad implementing business strategies company-wide.

Training Effective management teams

The ability to reform, develop and strengthen management teams in the company.


Positive influencing and negotiation

  • The ability to positively influence the decisions of others, using techniques and methods of argumentation;
  • Use of decision-making mechanisms.

Effective communication with others

  • Ability to manage difficult personalities amongst employees;
  • Ability to implement an organizational feedback culture.

Mentoring and coaching

  • Ability to create and implement mechanisms of self-coaching;
  • The use of professional coaching techniques and methods;
  • Implementing a coaching culture in the organization.

Reformatting organizational climate

  1. Ability to reformat the organizational climate of the company;
  2. Develop controlled relationships of collaboration and communication between employees.
Target group

General Managers

Entrepreneurs and company owners

Children of owners (integral parts in passing on the business.

Methodology used
  1. Methods, techniques and specific mechanisms for business coaching and mentoring activities;
  2. Consulting Methodology MOA (in the process of mentoring).
Purpose of business coaching

It is to help an entrepreneur or a General Manager to develop and accelerate the ability to take decisions, to develop and strengthen the business and to manage difficult personalities amongst employees.

On the other hand, to perform, a leader needs to have a structured, systemic and correct reasoning of things. Business coaching mainly aims to eliminate time-consuming, avoidant and self-defeating behaviors of a leader.

Ideal candidate for Business Coaching

That Leader, entrepreneur or General manager which::

  1. Has a stagnating business which can be in a declining situation and doesn’t know how to get pass.
  2. Feels that there is no longer any development or feels a setback.
  3. He has developed a business to a certain level, and can no longer control it.
  4. Developed a business, up to a certain level, and can no longer control it.
  5. He wants to have control over the business by passing from an empirical approach to a systemic and professional one
  6. Is about to close a business and start another one from scratch.

It is the most modern method of reconstruction and development, whereby a person called a Business Coach helps General Managers or entrepreneurs develop their capacities or perform on these ten directions:


The ability to havepsychological independence (power to not give in or be influenced).

Mechanisms for personal life balance.


The ability to recover to a steady state mentally and physically psihic si fizic, in situations of maximum stress.


Ability to rebuild the balance between personal and professional life.


Ability to settle personal level strategic coordinates at 360° level (personal vision of life, own mission, core beliefs and guiding personal life system, 360 strategic objectives, etc).


Capacity for analysis, reflection and decision-making under conditions of risk and uncertainty.


The ability to argue, to influence and to negotiate strategic advantages and benefits in relationships with others.


The ability to influence in a positive manner the decisions, actions and others results.


Ability to manage difficult personalities of employees, as well as reconstruct and develop employees in a situation of “burnout”.


The ability to reformat, develop and enhance effective team of managers.

Target group

General Managers

Entrepreneurs and company owners

Children of company owners (integral parts in passing on the business).

PRP Methodology (People Reconstruction Process)

It is a methodology for reconstruction and development of a leader who is in a state of imbalance in the personal life, in a situation of “burnout” – non-performance situation, state of demotivation or lacking determination.

The methodology is a true arsenal of methods and techniques that are based on a set of successive elements, systemic and algorithmic mechanisms that regulate a rebalancing of personal and professional life for a general manager or owner.

Ideal candidate for Leadership Coaching
  1. Leaders in situations of emotional blockage or in a certain frame of reference (Black Box People); they can’t find solutions to get out of traumatizing situations.
  2. Leaders who are in the situation of “Rigor Mentis”,so called rigid mind (think only they are right, that all go wrong, they are all against them, etc) – the leaders in deadlock with regards to the development and consolidation of the company;
  3. Leaders are stuck in the distant past and do not want to accept the reality of today (denial or avoidance behavior);
  4. Leaders who suffered various trauma and can’t rationally think or act;
  5. Leaders who have a difficult relationship with their partner, children and the loved ones;
  6. Leaders who are in the situation of being trapped by employees (constant fear of not losing them)
  7. Leaders who have a difficult or counterproductive relationship with the boss, their subordinates or colleagues.
  8. Leaders stagnating at all levels and do not know what to do to evolve;
  9. Leaders in the “Reset” situation, managers who are on the verge of losing everything and “they want to start over again”;
  10. Leaders who have a self-destructive life guidance system. more specifically, those people who just engage in toxic relationships.