How to set correct and achievable objectives

The biggest problem in generating lack of motivation and determination for employees is how the Owners and General Managers define and set objectives.


We wonder why employees are not determined and motivated to realize their goals and often find excuses that have no connection with reality, such as the fact that “people of today are not motivated to do anything” ” all are lazy and think only about money “,” do not care about anything but sit and take money. ” Well, all this is not quite the reality, and the real reason being that no one wants to start something if they know from the start that they have almost zero chances of succeeding.

The conclusion is:

Employees who do not have confidence in how the objectives have been established and know the mechanisms by which they were established, are not motivated to get involved in their implementation.

What to do?!

Although it seems pure theory (especially for entrepreneurs or CEOs who rely solely on flair, intuition and their life experiences), the only way to have goals understood, acquired or assumed by employees is to approach the process in a professional, systemic and algorithmic manner.

Step Nr. 001

Establish the vision of the company and the way to do business.

But what is the vision?!

Vision is the result of a process by which an entrepreneur or General Manager, identifies a business opportunity and visualizes how it can be exploited and used for the benefit of his company.

Ex: Exhausted employees do not have time to cook at home and buy unhealthy food. Junk food damages on long-term their health, they spend a lot of money on medication in time and that is why they are unable to perform in the workplace.


Employees want to eat healthy and have access to healthy food.

Identifying the opportunity and establishing a strategic vision

If they make a line of healthy food by which to provide for 2000 people, they could obtain good turnover and profits.

Vision statement:

“Healthy food for healthy people!”

Step Nr. 002

Turning vision into fundamental objectives for the company, departments or positions.

What are fundamental Objectives?!
They are objectives without which a company can’t have strategic directions of action and can’t perform.

Fundamental objectives are classified in:

1. Strategic objectives;
2. Operational objectives;
3. Tactical objectives.


The strategic objectives

They are the result of the transformation of vision in medium and long term targets and have as purpose assuming efforts and vision and transforming them into achievable goals.

Ex: To achieve my established vision, I must make sure that I have these (assuming efforts):

  1. The best recipes;
  2. The best ingredients;
  3. The best cooking equipment;
  4. Top chefs;
  5. A distribution system that supports my business.

And then…. The strategic objectives will be:

  1. The acquisition of a chef specialized in traditional but healthy food;
  2. The acquisition of a professional line of cooking;
  3. Developing or acquiring a distribution system;
  4. Establishing a number of different recipes for the five days of the week;
  5. Establish strategic suppliers for the needed ingredients.

The operational objectives

Are divided into qualitative and quantitative targets and is the process whereby each strategic objective is transformed into concrete targets to achieve on short and medium term.

Going on the example we get the following:

Quantitative objectives:

  1. Suitable space for cooking;
  2. The purchase of two furnaces, for high capacity cooking with a finisher;
  3. The acquisition of four cooking hobs;
  4. The acquisition of four strategic suppliers that would provide:
    • Vegetables and fruits;
    • Fresh meat;
    • Etc.

Qualitative objectives:

  1. Implement two quality management systems: ISO and HACCP;
  2. Vegetables to  be purchased the day before being cooked;
  3. Etc.

Tactical objectives:

  1. Four distribution companies to ensure food transportation to customers;
  2. Two bakeries to ensure sweets;
  3. Collaborate with 20 companies that provide payment facility to employees who will get lunch and dinner in this manner.


Step Nr. 003

Dissemination of objectives to employees

Is the process of assigning to employees quantitative and qualitative objectives (incorrectly called cascading process), by the following steps:

  1. Explain the mechanism for establishing quantitative and qualitative objectives;
  2. Ensure appropriation of mechanisms and objectives on positions;
  3. Ensure the process of assuming the position objectives;
  4. Establish mechanisms (action + final result) which ensure that all actions are carried out by the employees;
  5. Allocation of documents and deliverables necessary for assuming the objectives for each employee:
    • Job profile;
    • The methodology that was the basis for setting targets, MOA;
    • Job profile;
    • Objectives allocation sheet;
    • The performance indicators, set by MOA methodology;
    • The evaluation of job performance;
    • The salary of the position.
  6. Stabilirea unui sistem de monitorizare, supervizare si coordonare a angajatilor, folosind aceeasi metodologie MOA.


It is not easy to accomplish all these things but it can be done and what is most important is not difficult.

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