Hello dear visitors,

Perhaps you are wondering why is there an “Alumni” section on the website of a consultancy company that specializes in business management?
The answer is simple: because of the fact that we are an elitist business school and we have elite graduates.

We do not want to make anyone envious, nor do we want to receive “a wave of negative energy”. Our desire is to set a good example for our children and employees, and last but not least, for the General Managers who are looking for a serious Business School in Romania.

Our “Alumni Elites” have worked hard, reorganized their businesses, made all the necessary changes and got here!

They are graduates of GM Masterclass Academy!

Thank you very much for visiting this page and we wish you great success!

Laurentiu Trocan

Director General


Gabriel Constantinescu

Director Board


Razvan Gidei

General Manager

Red Point

Adina Ionescu

Board Director


Sergiu Fala



Mihaela Caluser

General Manager

Wens Travel

Gabriel Gaitanaru

General Manager

eXpert One Research

Mihaela Mandrea

Director Comercial


Mihai Manole

General Manager

Tema Energy

Mirela Besenyei

Manager Board Director

EAS Romania

Gabriela Gheorghe

General Manager


George Agache

General Manager

Hanul Crasmarita

Noémi Karácsonyi


SIMACEK Facility Services RO

Stefan Vayna

General Manager


Andreea Boaca

General Manager

Active Life

Elena Prodan

Senior PR Partner

EPR Concept

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