Hello dear visitors,

Maybe you are wondering why an “Alumni” section within the website of a consultancy company specialized in business administration.
The simple answer is that we have elite graduates of an elite business school in Romania.

We do not want to stir envy nor “a wave of negative energy” but we wish to be a good example for our children and employees but also for the General Managers in search of a serious Business school in Romania.

“The Alumni Elite” have worked, reorganized their businesses and transformed everything around them by reaching this far.

They are the graduates of GM Masterclass Academy!

Thank you for accessing this page and we wish you success!

Oana Taban


Dent Estet

Vlad Enachescu

General Manager

Telekom TV

Carmen Ivan

General Manager

Prisum - Himalaya

Cristian Pop

General Manager


Sorin Greu

General Manager


Monica Grafu



Florin Porojan

General Manager

Franke Romania

Ileana Nicolae

Director Europa de Est


Ioan Iancu

General Manager

Salice Cluj

Mihaela Aldea


Monsson Group

Andrei Popea

General Manager

Five's International

Claudia Suciu

General Manager


Dan Abraham

General Manager

Tipografia Everest

Marius Dinca


Active Life

Simion Vasile

General Manager

Ecovis International

Virgil Iantu

Business & Leadership Coach